Staying at home Update

Let’s kickstart EVERYDAY with joy, hope, and light!

Staying at home became a challenge and a stressor in my life these past few days. I had some breakdowns because of my job, I felt so lonely, and I felt like I wasn’t using my time efficiently. Through my complaining and meltdowns, I had to pull myself together!

It’s okay to have moments of weakness; this is a hard time for everyone and we shouldn’t compare our lives to others. Instead, we should be more grateful, generous, kind, loving. In a time when the world is hurting, we should all come together and bring joy, hope, and light into our own lives and this world.

Staying At Home This Week I: 

  1. donated money to a food bank. Instead of throwing myself a pity party and drowning in my stress, I gave back to my community. I wanted to help people and this brings me JOY.
  2. stayed consistent with working out. I’m so thankful for everyone who has been taking their time to plan and create workouts that people can do at home. Being active is an important part of my life, and being able to stay active while being “stuck” at home has put energy into my daily routine.
  3. facetime my family and friends every day. I take the time to talk to my mom at least once a day and talk to at least 2 friends a day. It can be very lonely being at home all day, so being able to talk to friends and family has really helped. Also, I want to make sure that those I care about are doing well too.
  4. cooked more. I want to support local businesses, but I am also trying to eat healthier while saving money. I try to create new meals to eat everyday, even if it’s changing one ingredient or cooking items in different ways, but I love how cooking helps me be more creative.
  5. cleaned. I feel like I’m constantly cleaning now, but having a clean home makes being at home feel better.

Remember, you got this! You’re not alone. We’re definitely living through some major changes in our lives and we need to adapt to these new changes. Let’s make the best out of the situation. It’s okay to stress out, but don’t let it overcome your life. Look for the positives, do activities that bring out the positive in you, and be positive for those around you. We got this!

With Beauty, Grace, and Love


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