Distance Learning Home Set Up

It’s been a little over a week since I’ve been teaching from home. During that time, I slowly started to notice what I needed and what I didn’t. With a small, minimalist style home, I didn’t want so much clutter or materials everywhere. So, here is how I set up my home for distance learning.

My Teacher Got Style

Clutter is my enemy and I don’t like to have a lot of stuff. Since I’m using my bedroom as a home office, I didn’t want home to feel messy and like a disaster. Thankfully, this cart I brought home from work has helped keep my materials organized and it doesn’t take up too much space. Bonus: It also went well with the interior of my room.

Cart: Amazon

Since we’re teaching digitally, I didn’t really need a lot of things. So, that helped make my cart look simple and clean. For now, I don’t really need much. Just a few essentials. (Like tissues and baby wipes!)

The Spaceship

My boyfriend made a comment that my work office looked like I was part of a space crew because of how I had my desk set-up with the laptop stand, cables, and phone stand. I take it as a compliment because our class will make discoveries that’s out of this world!

Laptop Stand: Amazon

But seriously, these stands have been very helpful . The stand keeps my laptop more elevated so I’m more in eye view with the camera, and it keeps my laptop from over heating. It also provides more room since there’s space below the laptop stand. I like to keep my planner under it so I can see it better and I have more room around my desk.

Phone Stand: Amazon

The phone stand has also been super helpful as well. It keeps my phone elevated and I can see it more clearly and easily. Placing my phone on the stand by my computer helps me check messages from parents quickly and I always know where it is.

Most Importantly

Technology is great, but I still like to keep things old school and do things by paper and pencil. I still need a paper planner and I loooove stationary items. Pens, highlighters, pencils, and cute planners are essentials for me.

I’ve been using this happy planner book since the last school year and I can still use it till December. Check out my blog post here as to why I chose this Happy Planner.

Pens: Amazon

And of course, the writing utensils. I’m very picky with what I like to use, so these are the writing tools that I’m constantly using. They write well, they don’t bleed through the paper, and they just look and feel nice!

Amazon Shopping List

As I’m adjusting to distance learning, I find different ways to make life easier for me. Comment below on any tips and resources you use to make distance learning smoother and less chaotic. I will love to hear all your advice! And to make things a little easier, click HERE to get my must have supplies for distance learning!

With Beauty, Grace, and Love



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