Fun Fall Activity: Pumpkin Patch

Growing up, I never celebrated the Fall season because here in Los Angeles, we don’t have a Fall. Meaning, we don’t have massive amounts of trees whose leaves change color then eventually fall off. So, we can’t jump into huge pile of leaves that are scattered all over the ground. Although, we don’t see much of the beauty of the season, I’m glad we like to celebrate the Fall as much as we can. So, I decided to enjoy it by taking Greg on a surprise date to a pumpkin patch; we (or maybe just me 😅) had the best time!

Tanaka Farms

Tanaka Farms, located in Irvine, California, is a great place for a getaway from the city and a sweet place to go on a date. It is beautiful, well-kept, and lively. The farm consists of many fruits and vegetables that grow throughout the year. But what made Tanaka Farms fun and memorable was the experience I had there.

Wagon Ride Tour

Greg and I went to the farm on a weekday. On weekdays, they have a wagon tour where you get to hop into a wagon, learn about the history of the farm, and venture on a short journey around the farm. (Due to COVID, everyone is at least six feet apart and there is a limit to how many people are allowed in each wagon.) The wagon ride was very enjoyable and I appreciated that they took the time and care to show their visitors more than just rows of vegetables. I do not want to spoil anything for you, but they definitely did a great job decorating and adding fun elements to their farm to make it unique and special.

After our wagon ride, we got to pick vegetables and a pumpkin. When we went, we picked cilantro, carrots, and radishes. The veggies were so fresh and I loved that they came in all different shapes and sizes. This showed me how natural the vegetables were.

Going to Tanaka Farms was more than a pumpkin patch experience. I learned more about their farm, how they farm, and the culture of community building. Tanka Farms is a family friendly area and I could tell that this is a place where families always come back to to experience the many different festivities they have.

I will definitely be back here again! Most likely during the Spring/Summer season to go strawberry picking. Till then, I’m going to enjoy this Fall season and carve my newly handpicked pumpkin from Tanka Farms!

Happy Fall all and to book your Fall experience at Tanaka Farms, click HERE!

With Beauty, Grace, and Love


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