Working Out at Home

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Gyms and many workout venues have been closed for months, but that hasn’t stopped me from working out at home. Back in June, I wrote a blog post about my top 5 favorite fitness trainers. (Check it out here!) These amazing trainers have workouts that don’t require any weights! This made working out at home easy and I have been able to stay consistent with my workout regime. I love using some weights, but doing these workouts have helped me stay in shape and feeling healthy without any equipment.

But, I have expanded my workout routine by adding resistance bands into my exercises. The trainers above have some workouts that require bands that challenges my body a bit more than the no-weight workouts. I love how resistance bands aren’t pricey and they do so much for the body!

Enjoy a step up to your work out with these resistance bands! You got this🙌🏼

With Beauty, Grace, and Love


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