Must Have Furniture Items

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Furniture is definitely an investment, so I’m planning on purchasing furniture and home decor little by little. It is so tempting to buy and do everything at once, but I need to remind myself that

#1 I don’t have tons of money to spend 😅 (so slow the roll Michelle!)

#2 take your time. You don’t have to finish everything now. Enjoy the process, enjoy your new home, enjoy every detail that you add to your house.

With that being said, I have made some big purchases this past year.


As you all know (check out my blog post about my couch incident here), after a long year, I finally have my couch! And it is a beauty! My friends recommended Article to me after I told them about the fiasco with West Elm. Article did not disappoint. I got the Anton sofa in limestone and it was about $1,200. Having a couch is so comfortable and I’m so pleased with this big purchase.



My dining table and chairs were another hefty purchase. The table was about $500 and the chairs (set of 2) were $110. I needed 4 chairs so I spent $220 on the chairs. I got my dining furniture from Target; Yes, Target! As much as I love Target, I was a bit skeptical about getting furniture from them. But, knowing that I could return my furniture within a year if I didn’t like it made me feel better about purchasing it. Surprisingly, it looks great! The table is sturdy, easy to assemble, and the color scheme goes well with the aesthetics I’m going for.


Finding an office chair has been another piece that I’ve been struggling to find. I was very specific with the color scheme I wanted and I was very picky with how I wanted it to look. But voila! I finally found a chair that not only is comfortable, but went well with my room decor and desk. Hooray!!

My bank account may not be too happy with me, but I am so thrilled that I finally bought the main pieces of furniture that I’ve been looking for. If you’re like me and starting new, TAKE YOUR TIME! Again, ENJOY the moments and experience of creating your home!

With Beauty, Grace, and Love


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