Winter Outfits: Sweater Weather in Los Angeles

Winter in Los Angeles isn’t freezing, but it’s still cold out here! I love that I can wear sweaters this winter season to keep me warm at home. Due to COVID, I am inside most of the time, but that isn’t going to stop me from looking stylish in my sweaters at home. Here are ways I wear my sweaters for different occasions during quarantine.

Date Night

Dress: White Prism

Greg and I have been trying to be more creative with our dates, especially since we can’t really do or go anywhere outside. But recently, we put up Christmas decorations inside my house (check out the video HERE!). Even though we’re inside, I still like to look good for my man. 😉 So, this cable knit dress is the perfect flirty and warm outfit for date nights at home.

Work from Home

Similar Sweater: Amazon

Although I’m teaching virtually and have the luxury to wear Pjs all day, I still like to dress up for work. With the weather cooling down, it’s been getting really cold inside my house. So, I’m excited to bust out all my sweaters to wear to work.


Similar Sweater: Amazon

Sweaters are essential during my workouts at home. Although I tend to warm up as I start moving my body, the extra heat from the SWEATer is nice since it makes me sweat a little more.

Girl’s Night In

Similar Sweater: Amazon

My go to outfit is throwing a baggy sweater over a skirt or LBD. The tight skirt creates some chic vibes while the baggy sweater tones down the look. You get a classy look that’s not sooo over the top.

Cozy Night at Home

Similar Sweater: Lulus

And of course, my favorite look. These past few months have all been about being cozy. I was gifted these soft, soft pants and sweater, and to be honest, I wear these all day, everyday! They are so soft, warm, and makes me want to cuddle with Cookie. Finding comfortable outfits this winter season is essential!

Los Angeles is cooling down, so stay snug and homey in some fashionable sweaters this season. AND don’t forget to check out my last blog post on my holiday decor!

With Beauty, Grace, and Love


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