My New Couch from Article

This year has been rough when finding a couch.

A short recap of my experience:

I purchased a couch around May 2021 from a company and the moment I did, things went down hill from there.

  1. From poor and lack of communication to
  2. unfriendly customer service to
  3. taking advantage of my calm and kind demeanor to
  4. getting late fees when my check was sent and postage marked before the due date and not getting my money back to
  5. constantly cancelling and rescheduling my delivery dates to
  6. the company not having my couch at all after waiting 6 months…

I totalllyyyy understood with COVID that there will be delays, absolutely, but the way they went about their business is what shocked me the most. This was a very well known company and I’ve been a fan for years, but after this experience, I am sad to say that I will never buy anything from them again.


This brings me to Article.

My friends recommended Article to me after hearing my horrific furniture experience. To be honest, it took me awhile to really push myself to purchase something because of my past experience. I didn’t want to go through the horrific experience again. But, I took the plunge, found a couch, and purchased it!

The couch came a week later! (OMG!) What I appreciated the most about their company was their communication with me. They kept me in check via email and texts about when my couch was being delivered; they made sure that I would be home and even called me when they were in route. All in all, it was a very smooth, quick, and easy process.

So, I highly recommend Article! They have beautiful furniture pieces and their service was superb. I got their Anton Sofa in limestone. The color of the sofa is more beige than I expected, but it is a lovely couch and fits well with the aesthetics of my home. Overall and most importantly, I (and Cookie) love my new couch. So, thank you Article!!!

With Beauty, Grace, and Love


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