Affordable Skincare Routine

Growing up, I was always told to take good care of my skin in order to avoid damages and wrinkles at an early age. Sunblock was, and still is, my #1 product I use every day. But, as I grew older, I noticed that my skin needed more than just sunblock. It’s important not to use cheap products on your skin because that can damage your skin even more and it’s okay not to buy products that are soooo expensive. I found a place where I am happy about the products I use at a reasonable price. Keep reading to see my top affordable skincare routine products…


My Affordable Skincare Routine

Your skin is an important part of your body, so it’s crucial to take care of it. So, I decided to share my morning and nightly skin routine with you all.


After brushing my teeth and rinsing my face with water, I only do 2 things to my face.

  1. Moisturize
  2. Put on sunblock

Creams that are too heavy cause my skin to get oily very quickly and make me breakout. I recently started using Belif’s moisturizing bomb and I am so satisfied with it. It’s not too heavy and thick, but provides the perfect amount to keep my skin from drying our throughout the day.

Supergoop’s sunscreen has also been another product that my skin works well with. It doesn’t leave my face super oily and it doesn’t leave my face looking pale.

And that’s it! Easy!


My nightly routine takes a bit more time. I like to pamper myself at the end of my day, so I feel refreshed and calm before going to bed.

First, I take off all my makeup using Clinique products. I use their makeup balm first then rinse my face with warm water. Next, I use their makeup remover to take off any excess mascara or eyeliner that remains. (I don’t put on a lot of makeup, so cleaning my face doesn’t take too long. Check out my blog post HERE about my no makeup, makeup look!)

Once I finish cleaning my face, I use toner, eye cream, then a serum.

Once a week, I will use different face masks. I use Laneige’s sleep mask once a week. It hydrates my skin and the lavender scent really calms me down. They have different sleeping masks and I’ve tried them all and really liked them. I just rotate their different masks as I finish them.

When it comes to face masks, I like to get a subscription from Facetory. They give you at least 7 masks per month. I like to use masks once a week or once every other week. I won’t apply for the subscription every month, but will subscribe when I am running low on masks. I like the subscription system because it’s fun to receive a surprise. If you are particular with what you want, you can purchase specific masks that you like on their website.

And that’s it!

I have sensitive skin so I don’t like to put a whole lot on my face. I have also experimented with using many different products and have found that the ones I am using now work best for my skin type. I love that these products aren’t super pricey, but they also aren’t made with cheap ingredients. Treat and pamper yourself well; Take care of your body and your skin because every part of YOU is important!

With Beauty, Grace, and Love



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